All homework assignments are due the following class time, unless otherwise noted. For example, if a homework assignment was given on Tuesday, then it is due the following Thursday, unless otherwise noted. Or if the assignment was given on Thursday, then it is due the following Tuesday, unless otherwise noted.
Reflections must be between 250 and 500 words, roughly both sides of a whole loose-leaf sheet of paper (8.5” by 11”) depending on the size of your handwriting (determined by instructor). The word count on Microsoft Word documents can be found under the Tools tab.

The homework assignments are tentative and subject to change.

Week 1-Tuesday
  • “Thesis Statement Worksheet”

Week 1-Thursday
  • Review “Independent Reading Assignment;” read “Writers in Process” (The Essay Connection pp 1-12); “Choosing a Book for Extensive Reading” (Advanced Reading Power, pp4-11)

Week 2-Tuesday
  • Choose independent reading and be prepared to present book to classmates (author, book name, summary, and why you chose this book); “Identifying Sentence Types”

Week 2-Thursday
  • Read and complete “3-Topic Sentence or Thesis Statement;” “10 Dimensions: Entering the Story World”

Week 3-Tuesday
  • Divide class in two groups and have each group read either Sandra Cisnero’s My Name or Maya Angelou’s My Name is Margaret; complete one half of the Venn Diagram (who is the person involved, what is the issue he/she is addressing, where does this excerpt/poem take place, when do they take place)

Week 3-Thursday
  • Each group will read the opposite of last class’ meeting (Sandra Cisnero’s My Name or Maya Angelou’s My Name is Margaret) and complete a “Comparison and Contrast” Venn Diagram for both short stories using prior questions and finding similar comparisons; “10 Dimensions: Showing Interest in the Story World”

Week 4-Tuesday
  • Finish writing thesis statement

Week 4-Thursday
  • “Test-Taking Skills Assessment” and “Test-Taking Tips;” “Subject and Predicates Pre-Test;” “10 Dimensions: Characters”

Week 5-Tuesday
  • “Subjects and Predicates Study Guide;” complete a “Comparison and Contrast” Venn diagram for both short stories using prior questions and finding similar comparisons

Week 5-Thursday
  • Use Cisneros & Angelou Venn Diagram to decide on which point to compare and which point to contrast; write a thesis statement

Week 6-Tuesday
  • “Sentence Fragments Worksheet;” finish writing introductory paragraph of Compare/Contrast essay

Week 6-Thursday
  • Continue Compare/Contrast essay and write first draft (at least three more paragraphs); “Run-On Sentences Chapter” Exercises 1-7

Week 7-Tuesday
  • “Fragment & Run-On Practice”

Week 7-Thursday
  • Revise to write second draft of Compare/Contrast essay; complete “Comma Worksheet;” and “10 Dimensions: Seeing the Story World”

Week 8-Tuesday
  • Finish worksheets; write a two-paragraph book review based on the information from Writer’s Inc.

Week 8-Thursday
  • Complete “Commas and Quotation Marks Review” and final draft Compare/Contrast essay; bring your independent book to class next week

Week 9-Tuesday
  • “Ten Dimensions of Reader Response: Connecting Literature to Life”

Week 9-Thursday
  • Write a short review on a movie you have recently watched (no need to follow the “Book Review Rubric” since this is more like a brief freewrite on a movie than a book)

Week 10-Tuesday
  • Study for final exam

Week 10-Thursday
  • Complete “Ten Dimensions of Reader Response: Considering Significance” and study for final exam

Week 11-Tuesday - Have a nice break!