"Where I'm From" Poetry

Where I'm from it's hard to grow up in these streets
you got to watch for your enemy, police and a snitch.
You gotta fight for your respect and live with no regrets,
listen to your parents or get whooped til there's blood on your flesh.
Look out for family cause those are your friends
and only have acquaintances cause they'll diss you in a sec.

Where I'm from you gotta hustle to survive
cause minimum wage is overtime in a 9 to 5.
Where I'm from if you don't take Education seriously you'll be left behind
and result to crimes and violence, death or life behind bars

Christian Calderon

I am from Coca Cola being a substitute for formula
a belt being a weapon to keep you from forgetting
Parents that are rarely home, a grandmother keeping
away the feeling of being alone
Fitting 8 people in a car that seats 5
Economy class, tickets, summers under a Caribbean sun
Making and breaking even is where I'm from

I am from driving south of the border
learning how to hold my breath under water
Rice, beans, and any meat we could buy
Fears of drowning when the flood waters got high
Being an only child till the age of 8

Arnando Salcedo

I am from good family, always loving
even after the bad things that happen.
I am from rice and beans being cooked
and the usual laughters.
I am from playing Xbox from doing good
to the occasional yelling at the same because
it's fake...

Joseph Ortega

Where I'm from
a sweet and peaceful
home where my
room is never a place
so warm and cozy
I eat and sleep there
never missing work
never missing a peak
where my home is safe

Kyle Milton

I am from Addiction
I am from Hurtful Affliction
I am from pseudo smiles
I am from Revolution
I am from a phoenix, burning
Eternal, Pure of Heart
I am from a fairy tale,
I am trying to make something real
I am hoping for you to make me feel
I am the ever-changing leaves
of the maple trees
I am a warm soft Breeze
Floating by his heart
I am so grateful
for this new start.

Katy Boucher

I'm from a struggling single parent
who's strong and independent.
Who raised my brothers and I
the best possible way a single
mother can and with what she had.
Growing up she showed us how to
survive and how not to let the
negative around us influence us in
any way. She showered us with
love, even when she was being
tough when enforcing the house rules.

I am from a strong-minded woman
hard-working and so full of life.
I am who I am today because
of the life lessons she taught me.
I am from an independent woman.

Jackie Rodriguez

I am from sports that I watch every day.
I am from the rakes that I use to make money.
I am from the sayings my great-grandmother tells me.
I am from the trash laying in the Hartford streets.
I am from hard work and pride passed down from generation to generation.
I am from the opposite of what people think of me.
I am from Jordon.

Jordon Higginbotham

I am from where arroz y habichuelas serves as the main dish
you add aguacate, carne guisa, ensalada and even some fish.
I am from where swinging on an hamaca tied to trees
is the best way to chill and catch some z's.
I am from those days where if you misbehaved your abuela came out
and the next thing you'd be doing is rubbing your ass while you shout.
I am from afternoons at school when I'd go to the corner store
icee's, papito y una tripleta was better than lunch you didn't need change
cause that's what candy was for.
I am from being a female and young meant responsibilities at home,
no matter how mad you'd get with your elders you had to watch your tone.
I am from those days where Hispanic music would be loud,
family together and cook-outs was the best, laughter and talking was the sound.
I am from where a rubber snake meant leaving a mark
but overall love was always there without a doubt.

Wendy Gonzalez

Where I'm From
a strong wild eating
place, where grandma
cooks and works
all day from
grown to young
in the fields
all day never
slacking nor complaining
neither day, eating
hogs and pigs
in the wild
where we stay
from barns to
fields and castles
riding horses and
cows all day

Craig Byrd

I am from the projects where
you hear the sirens from
the cop cruisers and ambulance every night.

I am from the 5 bedroom apartment
stuffed with 11 kids, my mom
and dad. Where my mother slaves in the
kitchen all day and my dad bought
home the bacon.

I am from a public high school where
you get searched and wanded with
metal detectors for our safety.

I am from a family who loves
and cares for one another and are
happy considering where I'm from

Lisette Quintana

I am from the Hood
Northend of Hartford
where there's drug dealers,
killer and Hood rats.
I am from the hood
where every day you wonder
what is going to happen;
you have your good days and
you have some really bad days
where you hear screaming
sometimes people crying.
I am from the Hood where
you get shown so much love
from people out in the streets
more than what get shown
from your own family.
I am from the Hood
the Northend of Hartford,
but even though you have your
drug dealers and your killers
and your Hood rats
it feels like it's home
because no matter what happens
everyone gets together
and shares laughter
and emotions
and friendship.
I am from the Hood
and at times I hate it
but there's times when
I love it s o much.
It can be scary at some times
just thinking about people
getting shot or beat up
but all in the end
it's home for most and
we make the best out of it.
I am from Hartford, my
hometown and I'm loving it
and growing from it!

Jessica Figueroa